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x.x we're gorgeous bitch x.x

x.x are you? x.x

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♥ be as harsh as you want ♥
♥ when posting in the community, put stamped in the subject line ♥
♥ don't be afraid to tell the truth ♥
♥ don't say yes to your friends just because they're your friends. actually take the time to read the application, and look at the pictures. if you honestly don't like your the app then tell them ♥
♥ don't say no just because you're not cool with someone. if they have a good application, and good pictures don't bring your drama into our community ♥
♥ be active. (if you go out of town or cant get to a computer for some reason, post about it in advance, or you will be warned) ♥
♥ have fun ♥
♥ everyone is allowed to say anything and criticize everything ♥
♥ no promoting other communities in our community!!!!!!!!! get permission from jamijean25 first!! ♥

♥ you must be at least 15 to apply ♥
♥ don't get an attitude with any of the mods or stamped members!, or i will ban you! ♥
♥ do not start to vote until you are accepted ♥
♥ application must be behind lj-cut ** (take out stars and replace text here with your lj-cut title) ♥
♥ when applying, you must put "i'm gorgeous bitch!" as the lj-cut text or subject line to show you read the rules ♥
♥ you must answer all questions on the application ♥
♥ you must apply within 48 hours (after you join) ♥
♥ you will be either accepted or rejected two days after joining ♥
♥ if you're rejected, you can apply again in 2 days with new pictures ♥
♥ if you get rejected a second time, i wouldn't bother coming back ♥
♥ if someone doesn't like you... GET THE FUCK OVER IT ♥

( the basics )
rate your own looks 1-10, 10 being the highest;

( your personality )
pet peeves:
single or taken:
piercings//tattoos (show pics if you have):
3 favorite music groups:

3 favorite movies:

4 favorite songs:

5 favorite places to shop: ♥ </b>

your favorite outfit ( show pictures... go online {consisting of, shirt, pants/skirt, shoes, accessories} ):

( flat out, you )
3-7 face pictures ( dont link {one must be 150x150} ) :

( opinions!!!! )
gay marriages:
george w. bush:
legalizing marijuana:
interracial dating:

( sense of humor )
make us laugh ( any way you can ):

( other pictures ) ( non//porno { once again do not link } ) :

( just for us )
promote us to 2 places. give the links ( promo banners are in the user info @ the bottom <3 ):
what makes you wanna be a gorgeous bitch? :
are you going to be active? :
what do you think you will get ( yes or no ) :
where did you find us? ( show link ) :
if accepted, which stamp would you like us to use? :
what do you think about your mods? :



</b>( your name here )

fayevalentine23 you have to re-apply

katiecometrue_ you have to re-apply

________goddess you have to re-apply

_errata you have to re-apply

___bodyinmybed you have to re-apply

silver_ecstacy you have to re-apply

forced_in2_it you have to re-apply

loveme_crazy you have to re-apply

peterpansgrl you have to re-apply

da_newtanator you have to re-apply

ghettowfab810 you have to re-apply

( your name here )

breakinqdown for posting her gay ass community without my permission!

♥ for info on becoming a sister community, please contact jamijean25
♥ thank you ♥